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From year 2008 until now, nearly 15 years, our chief photographer Benjamin Liu has been a photographer in many countries. Finally, Benjamin realized that Australia is his favourate  place to be stay for love photos and videos.  In 2013, Benjamin settle down in the beautiful state Melbourne. Love Film studio was created and born in the suburb of Templestowe Lower. At its origin, the studio was dedicated to offering photography services for newlyweds and weddings, pregnancy and babies. From 2018, Benjamin win a few international photography reward prize.  Whether near or far, local or overseas, our clients would travel to the studio for the vision and creativity that Love Film offered.

By the start of 2020, we moved again to the suburb of Bulleen. At the same time, we devoted ourselves to the one-on-one personalized service, as well as the pursuit of excellence in photographic skills and creativity. Our clients started spreading the word about us and Love Film quickly turned into a studio with a niche label with decent reputation. No longer were our services limited to wedding and pre-wedding shoots as we began expanding into other fields as our members were growing bigger and stronger together.

Love film has, since its very start, insisted on providing clients with the most personalized and tailored to order photographic services. Since the beginning, the team has accumulated photography awards for the industry. In terms of technical skills and the equipment that we use, we insist on providing nothing but the best for our clients. We strive to continuously come up with fresh perspectives and creativity to produce better end product.

2021, in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and the mass variety of services that we offer, we decide to open a new shop in Hawthorn. The two storey shop is located on the busy industrial roads of Auburn Road. A modern whilst eloquent interior design provides a comfortable and quiet space for our clients to discuss and experience the quality of service that we offer.

We capture those moments of love and affection that last for a lifetime–this is what lies at the very heart of our brand.

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