Maternity or Boudoir Photography

Maternity photography original from Western private photography-Boudoir photography, which can be also used in all types of photography (wedding photos,breastfeeding photos,personal photos).
Pregnancy photos are private photos taken in a private environment in order to leave a memorable moment. A good pregnancy photo focuses on the feminine lines, the marks left by light and shadow on the skin, and the hair that hangs on the shoulders etc.
The photos taken by the Love Film studio leave more than just a picture, but from the photos you can discover the girls’ attitude of loving life in every possible way.Boudoir photography is empowering photography of every day people, reconnecting them with the amazing and perfect creation that is their body. Usually these sessions consist of underwear, lingerie, satin sheets or
nudity, but that is totally up to the person being photographed, with some of the most empowering and sexiest images we have ever created being of people who are fully clothed.

Maternity or Boudoir Photography Package $428

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